Yoga for swimmers, triathletes, and runners!

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As I take a few days rest after last week’s long swims (on the recommendation of my physiotherapist!) I have time to do some stretching, running, and think about how to ramp up my preventative course of dryland work on core strength and shoulder stability.

To that end, I’ll encourage anyone in the Toronto area to check out a class by one of our arts outreach coordinators, Vivian Wong, who is also a yoga instructor.

She has put together a great session for Saturday, May 14th, specifically for swimmers, triathletes, and runners. The class is in Studio 2 at The Yoga Sanctuary on Danforth Avenue in Toronto, and will emphasize poses to repair and restore aching shoulders and tight hamstrings and hips.



The session is free, but we are suggesting donations to the Great Lakes Trust. If you’re in the Toronto area, please come out for a great session!



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