A Day and Night in a Cold Great Lake!

Another season, another crazy swim adventure!

Once again we are swimming to raise funds for the Great Lakes Trust, and to raise awareness for groups like Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, the Bay Area Restoration Council, the Great Lakes Commons, the Greatness project …

… and this is an adventure that you’ll definitely want to be a part of!

Madhu Nagaraja has a plan, and he’s talked several of us into it: Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is in, along with a bunch of awesome Great Lakes Swimmers (including the current youngest Lake Ontario crosser and youngest Canadian English Channel swimmer, Trinity Arsenault).

The plan: a twenty-four hour relay at Oakville Coronation Park, back and forth from the beach to the deep-channel buoy (about 1500m round trip).

First swimmer jumps at 9am on Saturday, November 12th, and we finish up 24hrs later.

How many swimmers? How long in the water each leg? how many times will each swimmer get in?

That all depends on you! Come on out and get in or on the water with us!

The water is cold, no getting around that: two weeks ago it was 13-14C out at the buoy, and this weekend it was about 12C on Saturday and 13C on Sunday. So, while some of us will be swimming “naked” (i.e. just swim trunks, cap and goggles) we’re welcoming wetsuit swimmers, as well as paddlers to join us.

We need to do this quickly if we want to be swimming in cold rather than frigid water, thus the rush to get this organized now and to be in the Lake next weekend.

If you can spare an hour or two somewhere in that 24hr window, you need to be there!

Again, we’re doing this in part with an eye to fundraising for the Great Lakes Trust. We’re currently at about $9.5K and we still have a long way to go to make the Trust viable, but we’re getting there, and every little bit helps!

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4 thoughts on “A Day and Night in a Cold Great Lake!”

  1. I would like to participate in the crazy swim, in some way
    I don’t have the right wet suit to swim but I can be available on Sat
    From 3-5 or from 9:30-11:30 sat night
    Whichever you need
    If I could rent a wetsuit I’d swim
    Let me know


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