Ambassadors are essential to the Great Lakes water-health cause. The Great Lakes Trust is proud to support and promote talented people committed to the water-health of the Great Lakes. Integral to our mandate, we help young artists and athletes develop their talents, gain visibility, and work toward a future where our Great Lakes are healthy and vibrant ecosystems, managed responsibly for posterity.

Current Great Lakes Trust Ambassadors:

Daniel Ranger – Junior Art Ambassador. Daniel is a sixth-grader in Toronto with a keen interest in environmental issues, and is a Great Lakes Trust Junior Ambassador. He has participated in several Bioblitzes, working alongside biologists to collect and catalogue species in the Humber River, Credit Valley, and Don River watersheds. He exhibited his first public art project, “SOS: Save Our Shells,” an intervention on behalf of snails, at Grow Op 2017 at the Gladstone Hotel. His installation, drawing attention to what is unseen in the urban wilderness, consisted of more than 600 origami snails, snail crossings, and a series of mini-ecosystems for the paper snails.


Our core endowment was built entirely from the grassroots. A heartfelt thank you to to following supporters: Marjorie Smith, Eileen Luxton, Ine WaubenMairi MacGregor, Brent and Dawn Blundell Dej, Georg Dej and Joyce Bradshaw, Tony Chisholm, Patricia Goff, Inge and Andrew Kerr, Greg Streppel, Brian Tanguay and Anne Brydon, Mary Louise Pigott and Mike Kukucska, Bud Seawright, Andrew Robinson, Daniel Munro, Lenore MacAdam, Yasmine Shamsie, Katarina Loncarevic, Andrea Brown, Naomi Bloch, Jen Gutmann, Cathleen Bryden, Dejan Guzina, Lisa Neidrauer, Jason Hughes, Avery Kolers, Ian Ward, Joshua Reid, Sherry Palmer, Rosa da Silva, Rob Donelson, Derek Hall, Lynn De Lathouwer-Rodgers, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, Shirley Rodrigues,Christine Neill, Sunita Nadella, Sandy Irvine, Barry Kay, Anne Newbigging, Bobbi Jo Turner, Sally Palmer, Mark Lawford, Heather Goward, Alan Swankie, Gabrielle Fredette, Graham Thomson, Maureen Mckenna, Robert Dilworth, Laura Young, Marilyn Bell, John Gayford and Yuki Hayashi, and Katharine Borczak.

Many of our activities are supported by corporate sponsors who have demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, including dryrobe  Klean Kanteen  XTERRA Mountain Equipment Coop and 3H Communications