Micro-grants against corporate juggernauts?

xenopus laevis (Liz West)

Rachel Aviv‘s story of Tyrone Hayes facing off against the corrupt, cynical actions of corporate juggernaut Syngenta, makes me as furious today as it did when it first appeared in the New Yorker in 2014, maybe even more so.

A core mission of the Great Lakes Trust is making it more difficult for powerful interests to abuse the public trust in this way.

We will fund more transparent, inclusive, and participatory science: projects and partnerships to collect and study evidence from diverse sources, for the public good, without depending on partisan corporate and political interests.

Examples? Check out Lake Ontario Waterkeeper‘s Swim Guide for one way that committed advocates have democratized knowledge and empowered citizens.

Another? Look at the Bay Area Restoration Council‘s citizen science and education outreach initiatives.

Small but vital steps.