who we are

, The Great Lakes Trust began as a simple idea: open-water swimmers finding ways to give back to the waters we love. The idea grew to include all manner of fellow adventures: paddlers, runners, triathletes, sailors, surfers … then we thought about how to bring together artists and academics, scientists, community leaders, concerned citizens. Now we are a collective of experts and advocates who help others to think in the long term, solving problems so much bigger than any one community or generation, protecting one fifth of the planet’s fresh water.

The GLT Collective



Loren King – Loren is an educator and marathon swimmer. He holds a doctorate from M.I.T., is a professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, and principal at Mercator Analytics. He and Madhu are the founding members of the Great Lakes Trust. In August 2016 he swam across Lake Ontario following the classic Marilyn Bell route.




Madhu Nagaraja – Educated at Mysore, McGill and Stanford universities, Madhu is an experienced corporate leader, marathon swimmer, and all-around adventurer. He successfully swam across the English Channel and Lake Ontario, finished the gruelling Marathon des Sables, and is preparing for a 2018 return to the Straits of Magellan, one of the most difficult cold water crossings in the world.




Mauro Campanelli – An avid marathon and trail runner with decades of experience in transportation management, Mauro brings to the Trust formidable expertise in logistics and project management, and a tireless commitment to balancing adventure with responsible environmental stewardship.




Vivian Wong – a multidisciplinary artist, arts educator, and workshop facilitator, Vivian loves to collaborate and as founder of the Wabi-Sabi Collective she has animated spaces like Nuit Blanche Toronto and Grow Op at the Gladstone Hotel with interactive public installations and community art. She teaches yoga and is always up for a run.




Kim Dej – Kim holds a doctorate in genetics from Johns Hopkins University and was a postdoctoral fellow at M.I.T. before returning to Canada. She is currently professor and acting director of McMaster’s School of Interdisciplinary Science and the founder of the school’s Living Systems Lab, an innovative cross-disciplinary teaching facility, and the McMaster Visualizing Science initiative.




Lynn De Lathouwer-Rodgers – A graduate of McMaster and the University of Toronto, Lynn is an experienced educator and language program facilitator specializing in cross-cultural learning. She is a strong pool and open-water swimmer, and in 2013 she swam the Northumberland Strait between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.